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Best Vaping Flavors

When you start vaping and get comfortable with the vaping juice flavor, your hunt for that perfect taste for the vaping liquid begins.

When you vape frequently throughout the day, you need a flavor that you do not get tired of and at the same time makes you feel good.

So here in this blog, instead of telling you about a brand of a vaping liquid, we will focus on different flavors and then you could try out different brands to shortlist on something that you like the most.

Here are the best e-juice flavor varieties available on the market.


And here is the top of the chart. Menthol for that icy effect. Makes you puff on a few more during that hot Dubai Summer. Menthol is something that many people can not resist. Very refreshing and gives you a deeply cooling sensation. This is one flavor that you can never go wrong with. Try out any of these flavors and have a great vaping experience.


There are some e-juices that would taste exactly like your favorite dessert. If you are a cookies and donuts fan, you would love these. It's amazing how some e-juice manufacturers have excelled the desserts' taste so well. This is something you would love to treat yourself to after dinner or meals.


Fruits are what all the papers usually go for. These are a safe choice that mostly everyone likes. There are hundreds of fruit flavors available but the most popular ones being grape, blueberry, jackfruit, kiwi, banana, pineapple, mango, mint, grape mint, citrus fruits and berries.
Again so many e-juices flavors taste like real fruit, that you feel you just had a bite of one.


Nothing beats this sweet flavor of candy. Certainly a mood uplifter that takes you back into those sweet memories. Nothing beats the cotton candy and caramel flavor in e-Juice flavors. Everyone loves sweets and this definitely is a must try for those who have not ventured it out yet.
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