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Different types of e-cigarettes

Now that you have decided to take on vaping, you will have to buy a kit, fuel it up with the vape juice of your choice and there you go, ripping clouds, enjoying and doing tricks that you like the most. Well, that’s not all as you will have to consider a number of things about vaping and these are as follows

Different types of e-cigarettes

Most people will refer to all the devices as vapes and e-cigarettes but it isn’t right as there are significant differences between them. There are disposable e-cigarettes that can easily be bought from fuel stations, but these ones aren’t that strong. Then come the cigalikes and pen mods which are more substantial but may not fulfill the expectations of everyone.

Vaping becomes more fun when you feel accustomed to box mod. These are known as large devices and produce large clouds. Box mod also lets you change the temperature output and hardware according to your needs.

Mouth to lung vs direct-to-lung devices

One important distinction in the e-cigarettes is the mouth to lung vs direct-to-lung devices. Vapers need to identify the differences between these two kinds as choosing anyone from these two will mean that you have to inhale a bit differently from the other.

The first category includes disposable e-cigs, cigalikes and pod vapes and the users using these devices normally draw the vapour into their mouths and then inhale it. As it resembles to conventional smoking so, this method is preferred by those who have just started vaping.

On the other hand, direct-to-lung devices include box mods. These are known to produce airier vapes and thus they are inhaled into the lungs directly.

Coughing can be experienced when you are doing it the first time

A survey comprising of 600 vapers found out that 57% of the vapers experienced coughing when it was their first time. Experienced vapers were of the view that coughing is just temporary and 93% of the vapers admitted that they no longer cough now.

Coughing can be caused if you are allergic to propylene glycol (PG) or if you aren’t aware of the right technique of vaping. Another fact says that a number of people cough when they give up on smoking, so vaping has nothing to do with cough.

Nicotine strength

When you are looking to choose your e-liquid, you need to consider two things, firstly the flavor and secondly the nicotine strength of it. Nicotine strength is known as the amount of nicotine present in per milliliter of juice.

If you are new to this concept you should be going for 0mg of nicotine per milliliter of juice. Light smokers can opt for 3mg/ml, while regular smokers may go for 6mg/ml of e-liquid. When it comes to heavy smokers, they like to be between 12-18mg/ml.

Other important things to know, include

  • Periodic replacing of coils
  • Safe handling of batteries
  • Different places have different rules regarding vaping
  • You may not be permitted to vape indoors in some cities
  • Right ratio of PG/VG
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