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Famous vape tricks

Vaping and skateboarding have one thing in common. Guess what? You can’t stop yourself by doing a number of tricks, impressing your friends and letting them know how cool you are while doing these tricks. If you are not doing any of the vape tricks then you are not enjoying it to the fullest and we suggest you to take full advantage of it and enjoy it.

Below are some of the famous vape tricks that will help you impress your friends and family.

French Inhale

It is also referred to as the Irish Waterfall. If you want to do it, pull a decent amount of smoke from the e-cigarette but don’t inhale it and allow the vapours remain in your mouth. Now you need to open your mouth slowly and push the bottom jaw out.

Remember not to exhale as it will allow the vapours to come out slowly. However, you can inhale using your nose while the smoke is coming out from the mouth.

Vapour bubble

To do vapour bubble trick, you will need to have a few things like soapy water, a toilet paper roll and of course your e-cigarette. Start by dipping one end of the toilet paper in the extra soapy water and cue it up like a bubble wand.

Now you must take a long pull from the e-cigarette and then exhale the smoke into the toilet paper role. If the bubble reaches your ideal size, poke it so that the smoke comes out in the form of a big bubble.

Cloud dragon

To achieve the cloud dragon take a long pull from your e-cigarette. Now that you have a mouth full of vapour, exhale it via your nose and push it by using a bit of force. As you exhale it through your nose, try exhaling some of the vapours through the corners of the mouth.

You can take a measure of this trick by monitoring yourself in the mirror or asking a friend of yours to make a video while you are doing it

Ghost Inhale

Another easy way of playing and enjoying the e-cigarette is ghost inhaling. Vapers normally use this term when they blow out a cloud of smoke and then suck it back in their mouths.

The tornado

For perfecting the trick of tornado, you might have to go through a lot of practice. This trick also needs toilet paper. Inhale a large amount of vapor and then exhale it using the toilet paper onto the surface. Now you should use your hands chopping downwards at the surface.

Now as your hand comes in contact with the surface, make sure you flick the wrist upwards and lift the arm in one go. 

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