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How to avoid your vape from tasting burnt

How to avoid your vape from tasting burnt

Vaping is an act of inhaling and exhaling vapor which is produced by an electronic cigarette. The vapor is produced by dry herb, concentrate or e-liquid. The vaping material is turned into vapor using a vaporizer. Vaping industry has grown exponentially in the recent years.

Below are a few reasons why your vape taste Burnt:

  1. Chuckin’ coils: if your Vape starts to taste burnt than it may be because the coil has become too old. You should change the vaporizer coil after every 1to 4 weeks of usage.
  2. Priming: it is always advisable to prime your atomizer before using for the first time to prevent any sort of burnt taste in future. Priming prevents oxidizing of the atomizer. If your atomizer is not primed then your vape taste burnt.
  3. Lowering the wattage: if for a particular coil you vape at too high wattage then this will burn your coil leading to a burnt
  4. E-liquid: your vape can taste burnt because of the e-liquid juice which you use. Some atomizers cannot handle high-VG juice because of its thickness and the e-liquids which use a sweetener like a sucralose also destroy the wicks leading to a burnt
  5. Dryness: if your tank is empty and your wick is not saturated than also your vape will taste burnt.
  6. Cleaning: if you don’t regularly clean your atomizer than your vape will surely give a burnt taste. Cleaning your atomizer will also extend the life of your gear.
  7. Control: if you don’t use a mod with temperature control then your vape will give burnt hits.
  8. Price: if you use e-juice which are available cheap outside from some unrecognizable supplier than surely u will get burnt hits. Using cheap brands e-juice will give u burnt taste.

These were some of the reasons why your vape tastes burnt. If you don’t want your vape to taste burnt than you should avoid the above mistakes and be more careful while vaping and using the vape mods.

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