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Ingredients used in making e-juice

Generally, e-liquids contain both Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, but one is more prevalent than the other.  There are also some recently manufactured e-liquids which are nicotine-free. They can contain all the other ingredients apart from nicotine.  You may find some of these names meaningless since they are all chemical names. But it’s important to understand what they stand for and what quantity they constitute in the e-juice.

Ingredients used in making e-juice

Vegetable glycerin

VG, as it’s mostly called is used in making most recently manufactured e-juice. Some products have this as their major ingredient (usually up to 80% volume). It’s responsible for the huge level of fumes you see these days in e-cigs.

Glycerin on the other hand is derived from most natural fats, but the particular types used for e-cigs are derived from vegetable oil. This is the reason it’s known as vegetable glycerin.   Although it is made from oil, the real information is the fact that it is an alcohol. This is why it’s safe take in.

Propylene glycol

After taking out the VG content in your e-cig, most of every other thing is basically PG.  Although most liquids have VG in higher contents than PG, there are still some with higher PG contents. These ones are thicker and are used in atomizers.

Just like VG, PG is almost odorless and an alcohol. Sometimes it is added to medicines and food products to help them stay moist.  PG is also used in antifreeze, but it doesn’t mean it contains any harmful substance to the body. PG is just an ingredient among so many other ingredients in antifreeze, so it’s wrong to assume that it is harmful.

The vapor in PG is not as visible as that in VG. That’s why discreet vapers will prefer liquids with more PG’s than VG’s.


When it comes to flavorings, there’s a wide range of options to choose from. There are several food grade flavors added to vapes to give them their flavoring tastes.  But food vapors, when inhaled, are slightly harmful to the body. They are meant to eating and not for inhaling.  But several companies have done well to eliminate some of the additives that are harmful to the body when inhaled. That’s why you need to be selective when choosing the type of e-cig.  Always use flavoring from vape producers instead of using food flavorings from supermarkets. These are harmful to the body when used overtime.


The main use of nicotine in vapes is to satisfy smoker’s cravings for the same substance in the normal cigarette. Most e-juices have this as an ingredient as an effective way of preventing tobacco smokers of going back to lighting fire on their former cigarette indulgence.  Nicotine on its own is not harmful (whoever tells you otherwise is lying to you). But the risk associated with smoking is the smoke that comes from the cigarette.  The only thing is nicotine can be toxic when taken too much.   Most e-cigs are manufactured with the slightest amount of nicotine, which does not cause any harm even when taken more often.

The above 4 ingredients are the major ingredients used in manufacturing e-liquids.  Other ingredients aside these ones are not important to help you have an enjoyable vaping experience. 

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