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Quitting smoking with the help of smokeless tobacco

Is there any health risks associated with smokeless tobacco? There have been several arguments regarding the dangers of taking the alternative to the traditional smoke tobacco. But while it has been agreed that smokeless tobacco is less harmful to the lungs and the body at large, some experts still say it’s not 100% safe to take smokeless tobacco. 

Quitting smoking with the help of smokeless tobacco

People take smokeless tobacco in different parts of the world. They are usually moistened after being chopped up, and then they are held between the cheek and gum or chewed. Sometimes they mix it with different substances such as slaked lime, betel leaf, areca nut, spices, and herbs.

Are reports on smokeless tobacco true or misleading?

There have been several reports that have rebuked the claim that smokeless tobacco is a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Instead, they branded it saying “it’s not a safe alternative”. This, to a lot of people, was orchestrated by cigarette industry to minimize the stronghold of e-cig manufacturers on the smoking public. The argument for the industry was to allow people wrongly believe that smoking and taking smokeless tobacco have the same harmful effect to the body.

The cigarette industry took this stand to protect themselves and prevent more smokers from turning into the smokeless tobacco alternative.  In essence, yes smokeless tobacco is still harmful but not ass harmful as what the traditional smoking tobacco.

Does it cause cancer?

Cancers connected to the use of smokeless tobacco include pancreatic cancer, cancer of the esophagus, gum, cheek, tongue, and mouth cancer. While it’s safer to only puff out tobacco without inhaling them first, all methods of taking smokeless tobacco can lead to one form of cancer or the other. But its impact and health risk is largely less than what is possible in the normal smoked tobacco.  One thing should be clear here, anyone who wants to stop smoking tobacco and reduce the risk of several health hazards can do so by turning to smokeless tobacco. At least the addiction causing nicotine will still be there, but the health hazards will be reduced drastically.

Can it help smokers quit smoking?

Oral tobacco has not been completely tested as an alternative source to quit smoking. There have been a lot of records that showed people who stopped smoking and turned to smokeless tobacco are less likely to develop seasonal diseases.  With smokeless tobacco, the user will still be able to get the normal level of nicotine, which will serve as a represent to smoking tobacco. As the individual slowly changes to this alternative, their nicotine dose will drop, which will help them quit gradually.

Overall, both the normal smoke tobacco and smokeless tobacco are harmful to the body. But the former has more serious consequence. Those looking to stop smoking and try the alternative will reduce the level of health risk associated with the former. If you’re looking to quit smoking, a smokeless tobacco may be an alternative to help you stay off the traditional harmful cigarette.

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