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UAE Vape Coils | Dubai Vapers

The use of electronic cigarettes is picking up steam rapidly, as the dangers of smoking cigarettes compel people all over the world into seeking alternatives.

While there is very little research on the personal health aspects of the devices and their prolonged use, since the percentage of people who have taken up the electronic variant is still small.

Albeit significant, most of the research currently available points to health risks that are less complicated than traditional cigarettes.

E-Cig Safety Research

This means the number of subjects that can be observed in clinical settings is small as well. This has not inhibited people who are trying to quit smoking from considering a full or partial shift.

The advantages in terms of health that are often spoken about include the absence of the process of burning, therefore no smoke, the absence of tobacco, and the rigorous testing that goes into the production of the high-end varieties of the e-liquids. 

While the pace at which the devices are gaining popularity is impressive, there are a number of aspects those who are new to the vaping arena should understand.

Understanding Vaping First

Most of these have to do with personal safety, but also include methods to make the most out of your devices and liquids, therefore maximizing the joy of vaping.

Vaping Coils

One of the core pieces of equipment in most modern vaping devices is the coil. If you are new to the vaping world and did not buy your device as part of a full kit, you will have to make a choice at some point regarding which UAE vape coils to use.

Atomizer coils usually come in two variants; the single and dual coil.

The difference is reflected by the words themselves; single coils have one junction, which turns the liquid into vapor, while dual coils have two.

The wick absorbs the e-liquid and when the activation button of the mod is pressed, heats the coil, which produces vapor.

Making Coils Last

Coils are not permanent materials in the device, which means they will eventually have to be replaced.

The most important factor that affects the longevity is the amount of time you spend vaping each day.

As such, it is the hours you vape each day that count towards when you will have to replace the coil, not the days that have passed since you put in a new one.

Then there is the type and flavors of e liquids you use. In terms of the flavors, the thick, rich fruity flavors need more energy to turn into vapor.

Additionally, the life of the coil depends on the ratio of PG and VG in your e liquid. The terms may sound complicated, but basically PG is what gives the liquid its flavor, while VG is what enables it to turn into vapor.

Beyond this, if you vape of high voltages almost all the time, chances are your coil will run out within a matter of weeks.

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