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Vaping is now a Celeb Fashion

vaping is now a celebrities fashionCelebrities vape too. The list Celeb who vape is growing every day. May it be a music video, a paparazzi photo blitz or a poolside party, celebrities are being photographed more and more often while vaping. Today, technology has brought us various new options such as nicotine shots, patches and more popular version of smoking known as vaping. Vaping has become an alternative to cigarette smoking. Smoking has evolved and modern-day celebs have taken vaping and poured their share of glamour and coolness into it. Below is a list of top 10 celebs who vape.

  • Johnny Depp: he is a 54-year-old American film producer, musician, and actor, born in Owensboro, Kentucky who vapes.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: The Wolf of Wall Street cast is a 42-year-old film producer and an actor, born in Los Angeles. She also vapes.
  • Sienna Miller: she is a fashion designer, actress, and a model, running at the age of 35. Her birthplace is New York City. She vapes
  • Isla Fisher: Born in Muscat Oman, this lady of 42 is an Actress who vapes.
  • Pewdiepie: the most popular Swedish youtuber with most subscribers of all. It is a very familiar name for the ones involved in gaming. This lad is of 27 and was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is also a film producer and a comedian. He is a famous YouTuber who vapes.
  • Lindsay Lohan: a very famous Actress and singer, age She was born in New York City and became very popular after casting in ‘The Parent Trap, Mean Girls’. Yes! She also vapes.
  • Robert Pattinson: the famous ‘Twilight’ actor ages 31. He was born in London. He took up vaping to help him quit smoking.
  • Simon Cowell: 58-year-old, famous English reality show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge and a film producer took up vaping to kick off his smoking habit. He was born in Lambeth, London, United Kingdom.
  • Zayn Malik: he used to be a member and a singer of the famous band ‘One Direction’. However, still, a famous singer but not in the band now. Zayn is 25 years old and was born in Bradford, United Kingdom. He is already a smoker but was recently caught vaping.
  • Katy Perry: she is a 32-year-old songwriter who was born in Santa Barbara, California. By profession, she is also a singer, philanthropist and an actress. She vapes.
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