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Which Mod Should You Buy?

Dozens of factors have contributed to the very rapid growth of the vaping segment since these devices were brought to consumers over a decade ago.

It is estimated that approximately one adult out of every ten in the US and UK uses some kind of device or the other.

Although the list of reasons that drove so many people to the activity is very large, some of the major factors include those looking to quit or manage smoking, those looking to become early adopters of an interesting new craze, and people looking to have access to a sheesha like device at home.

Whatever your reasons for making the move into the vaping world are, one of the devices among the components of the kits you will have to get to know more about, are the mods, especially if you're going to buy mods in UAE soon.

The main choice is going to be between the two major mechanisms at play, one of which is based on being able to regulate the power, while the other is a mechanical setup.

About The Two Types

Regulated mods are also called variable voltage mods, and have an electronic chip to be able to control the amount of energy going into the vaping process

Some of the advanced models are going to add the ability to control the same at the coil level.

All of the key information is displayed on a screen, to remain in touch with battery status and current usage.


Before doling out cash for a mod, you should understand that one of the key features that sets a regulated model apart from an unregulated one is the much superior safety profile.

The absence of electrical control components in the latter variety also mean it has virtually no failsafe controls, and relies totally on the user to make sure there is no fire.

This means if you are new to vaping, you should definitely stick to the regulated type.


Whatever the device or hobby, the budget is going to play a key role in determining which device you get for yourself. By and large, mechanical mods are cheaper than regulated ones, but it is entirely possible some of the high-end ones become an exception to the general rule.

Overall, the cost for either type is going to come down to how many safety and performance features the device has, and its ability to function on higher voltages, therefore producing bigger clouds.

Cloud Size

The main reason experienced users make the move to mechanical mods is their ability to produce much bigger clouds, and deliver a smoother experience.

While the shift will certainly make a substantial change in your experience, one ought to make it only once they are sure they can handle the risks.

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