At ArabianVapers we work hard to bring you the best tasting, highest quality USA made e-juice on the market (Bottled in Canada) , Now With Your long waited Shisha Flavors  . We use only Premium NicSelect Nicotine, 99.7% pure USP grade Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, and 99.97% pure USP grade Kosher Propylene Glycol. No food coloring, nor any other unnecessary additives are used in ALMALAKI premium e-liquids.


Flavor Guide : 


BLEND : 70VG/30PG 

Double Apple Shisha

 - Double Apple (also referred to as Two Apples) is the flavor of choice for traditional hookah smokers and is likely the most popular shisha flavor in the world after mint. Nakhla’s version (OUR BASE FLAVOR MODEL) is a complete classic, keeping the same recipe for decades, this is a flavor that takes hookah smokers back with each puff. When we speak to hookah smokers about their first experiences an overwhelming number say that Double Apple was their first hookah flavor. Double Apple’s mix of Anise (similar to black licorice) and a nice light apple flavor is the epitome of what a classic hookah experience should taste like Now in your Mod !!!


Strawberry Shisha

This combination of sweet tobacco and sweet strawberry flavors is sure to please novices and connoisseurs a like, because it’s very hard to argue with a known classic.  

Apple Mint Shisha

Take the flavor of sweet, crisp apples and add just the right amount of cool mintiness. What you have now is ALMALAKI Apple Mint..For all those who have never tried double apple and mint combined. try it !

Grape Shisha

ALMALAKI Grape tastes like a sweetened Welch's white grape juice. If you're a fan of grape hookah tobacco, you may want to consider adding this to your collection, it is many people's favorite grape shisha flavor. The shisha Ejuice flavor is super juicy, and produces some great clouds. This sweet shisha is sure to give you a satisfying and lengthy .

Watermelon Mint Shisha

The Watermelon with Mint is a deliciously fruity, light minty, hookah tobacco flavor. The sweetness of the Watermelon shisha flavor blends perfectly with the always fresh Mint extract , making a blissful union of rich and well-balanced flavor, and some pretty thick vapor . Weather report - minty !  with a chance of massive clouds and a downpour of watermelon, it's gonna be awesome folks !


ALMALAKI SHISHA E-juice is available in the following Nicotine strengths :

0MG - 0.3MG - 0.6MG - 1.2MG 


Released in April 2016 

Lab tested 8 month long R&D