That is more likely because of the PG in the Eliquid you are vaping, please read more below: 


PG Free EJuice is a Good Choice for Many ECig Users

Many vapers and would be vapers are concerned about the dangers of the e-cigarette ingredient propylene glycol. But is PG dangerous? I can tell you that there is no scientific proof to date that it is. You can even ask the FDA as they have approved PG for use in thousands of foods, medicines and beauty products. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the use of propylene glycol in places like hospitals and food establishments years ago because it is a powerful deterrent against pneumonia, influenza, and other respiratory diseases when vaporized and inhaled.

Still, if you’re one of those people who is afraid of what you don’t know, or you’ve read a terror tactics story circulated by the political anti-vaping faction, or you are simply one of the 6% of the population who is allergic to propylene glycol, please read on.

Most e-liquid companies will use some sort of mix between vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Each of these bases has their own benefits and drawbacks, but there are certain advantages to using only VG.

No Need for Sweeteners

VG already has a slightly sweet taste to it. It makes fruit liquids taste sweeter and dessert juices taste a bit more delectable.

Many times, in a PG base, the manufacturers will add some sorbitol or other artificial sweetener to make the juice more palatable. But these can contain manmade chemicals that, while approved by the FDA for human consumption, are not completely understood. There may be side effects to them that have yet to be discovered because we simply do not fully understand all the ways in which they interact with our bodies. 

Better Hit

The best part of vaping an e-liquid is the hit you get from the nicotine and the flavor hitting the back of your throat. This leaves a wonderful sensation in your mouth and throat, and it differs due to the base you are using. With a PG base, you get a thin vapor that doesn’t remain in the air as long, so it can dissipate quickly in your throat, offering you only a slight hit.

But with a VG base, you get a nice, thick vapor and it is often full of flavor that lingers. The entire reason VG is added to a PG base is for its thicker, milkier vapor. Without it, the liquid tastes too flat and thin. So with a full VG base, you get a much more satisfying hit and a thicker vapor. It isn’t diluted or held back by other ingredients.

Easier on the Body

Another reason that the two vapors are often mixed is because of the frequency with which PG causes allergic reactions. When it is diluted with VG, it is not as likely to cause those problems.

So once again, a complete VG base wins out. If you don’t have any PG in your base, then you are far less likely to experience any allergic reactions. You can breathe easier and not suffer an irritated throat. Very few people ever have an allergic reaction to VG, so if you are sensitive to such interactions, it is a good idea to opt for a VG base entirely.

Those who have allergies of any kind, who cannot eat certain foods, who suffer from asthma and other breathing difficulties should all avoid PG bases when possible. And there are e-liquid companies that offer fully VG bases for their products. If you want something that is all natural and won’t give you any allergic reaction, then this is definitely the way to go.

Ultimately, you will have to experience the bases for yourself to see which offers you the more satisfactory experience. People often come away with different preferences, but if you want a healthy vapor, there is not a better option than a VG base.


Kind juice are the most organic e liquid manufacturer on the market. Their entire ethos is to produce all natural vape juice with minimal harm done to the environment in the process. If your main concern when buying e liquid is eco friendliness and being as organic as possible – these are the guys you should be looking at.


All of their e liquid is GMO free, dairy free, cruelty free, sugar free, gluten free, and vegan friendly. None of their e liquids contain any artificial flavorings or artificial colorings.


Their VG is produced from plants that are grown without pesticides and it is extracted from them without any chemicals being used in the process. They extract it by simply using a combination of heat, water, pressure and time. All of their e liquid is 100% VG and contains no PG at all.


All of the flavorings they use in their e liquids are 100% organic and natural. Literally extracted from the real thing. For example, if you get an apple flavor e liquid from Kind Juice, they have literally blended up a bunch of real apples and extracted the flavor directly from them. Their flavorings are vegan friendly, kosher, and are again extracted without chemicals using just ethyl alcohol. Even the ethyl alcohol they use to extract their flavor concentrates is made from organic sugar cane.


Their nicotine is sourced from tobacco farms in the USA. There are no pesticides used in the production of the tobacco they use making it a rare organic find. The extraction of the nicotine from the tobacco is also done organically. Instead of using various chemicals to extract the nicotine they use a lengthy but organic cold refinement process to ensure the nicotine they use is 100% organic.


The only negative thing we have to say about kind juice is that all this comes at a cost. It is one of the most expensive e liquid brands you will find with a 30ml bottle costing around $32. Also they have a limited selection of flavors available compared to other non-organicc brands.


But what we will say is that their vape juice is very tasty. Even if you are not totally sold on the need for an all-natural vape juice, we recommend you try kind juice at least once. Astonishing complex flavor profiles combined with a smooth flavorful vape.


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